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Our Mission

The Healing Center encourages health equity and improving the quality of life for members of vulnerable populations.

We exist to provide a healing space to address community needs and reduce health and socio/economic disparities.


We provide an integrated delivery of health and wellness, education, counseling, treatment, and case management that leads to stability and sustainability.


Established in 1996 as CAARE, Inc. The acronym has changed as the agency has grown in scope and services. First, in 1996 as the Case management of AIDS and Addiction through Resources and Education, later in 2006 Center for Accessible Affordable Health Research and Education, and most recent in 2019 Community Action Advocacy Restoration and Empowerment.


Health care providers can most effectively help patients only by meeting them where they are, and examining all of the possible barriers to a person’s wellness before labeling him or her as “non-compliant”.

Our Vision

By providing non-traditional health and human services that fulfill people’s most basic requirements first, and educate them about their health along the way, CAARE strives to eliminate these barriers and advocate for a part of the Durham County community that too often is ignored.

What Others Say

“CAARE does exactly what the name implies.  It cares about the individuals who come through the door…about their growth, mental, physically.  CAARE does its best to help people to leave better than when they came. “

- Culinary Program

“There are unlimited resources at CAARE.  My experience as a volunteer has opened many possibilities for me to grow and research similar areas of education to better help and support old and new clients that may walk through the doors of CAARE.”

- Volunteer

“CAARE sees the whole individual.  They wanted to know about my well-being as a human and as a man.  They took a “broke” me and fixed me because they cared.”

- Volunteer and
Former Consumer

Our Origins

In 1996, sisters Dr. Sharon Elliot Bynum, Patricia Amaechi, and Carolyn Hinton founded CAARE out of concern about the effect that HIV/AIDS was having on the community CAARE, which initially stood for “Case management of AIDS and Addiction through Resources and Education,” has expanded its strategies far beyond case management, resource referral, and education to provide a safety net of services that encompass peoples’ social, emotional, financial, and psychological situations. CAARE provides nontraditional health and human services that fulfill people’s most basic requirements first, and it then equips individuals with the knowledge they need to manage their own health. CAARE’s success in the community is driven by the organization’s commitment to intention, integrity, and inclusion for all community members—especially hard-to-reach and historically marginalized individuals. CAARE strives to eliminate health care barriers by advocating for a part of the Durham County community that is too often ignored.

We Need Your Support Today!

In the twenty years since its establishment, CAARE has grown to become a major health and social service agency and is supported by federal, state, local government, and private sources, as well as the generosity of private donors and volunteers.

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