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Our Services

Health & Wellness

Below are some of our health and wellness programs and what we offer.  Please click "Apply Now" below to register.


Education & Prevention

Health Education and Referrals
Street Community Outreach
HIV Presentations
Peer Education Activities
Health Fairs


HIV Counseling & Testing

Non-Traditional Testing Site
Clearview & OraQuick
(Results in 15-20 minutes)

TB Testing


Mental Health Services

Individual and Family Counseling


Food Pantry

Emergency Food Assistance


Free Dental Clinic

Jeanne Hopkins Lucas Education and Wellness Center
Tel: (919) 687-0793 | Fax: (919) 680-8675

CAARE Food Pantry Wishlist

Your gesture of kindness,

small or large, makes a difference.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, CAARE has been faced with an increasing need for healthy food among members of the Durham community facing financial hardship. Once a week, anyone who shows up to CAARE, receives a box of food to take home, no questions asked. Stricter safety regulations, decreased funding, and a drop in volunteer engagement have made it even harder for CAARE to operate with the efficiency necessary to continue meeting this need. The items on this list will make CAARE's food pantry more efficient and less wasteful, and will empower CAARE to help more people during this crisis.


If you'd like to learn more contact

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