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Transitional Housing

Below are just some advantages of participating in our transitional housing program. If you would like to register, please click "Apply Now" below to register.



The purpose of the Transitional Housing Program is to provide short term relief for persons experiencing homelessness. The program addresses physical and mental health needs, facilitates goal-setting, life skill development and networking with services to support self-sufficiency.


What We Offer


  • Safe and Affordable Housing

  • Coordination with partnership agencies

  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment

  • Access to support services including AA, NA, and peer-support groups (Mindfulness, Arts and Crafts Groups, Gardening Groups, Weekly walking group)

  • Educational Courses

  • Volunteering opportunities (both with in CAARE and the community .

  • One-to-one peer support

Eligibility Criteria


  • Homeless or at-risk of homelessness.

  • In need of extra support to transition to a safe and stable adulthood.

  • Individual’s desire to be involved in meeting the goals of CAARE: The Heal-ing Center by actively participating in activities, services, and programs

  • A drug screen and mental health assessment will be performed for the applicant to be considered for admission. Individuals who require services will be referred for treatment.



Every person deserves a stable place to live, develop a sense of purpose in life, and an opportunity to better them-selves. Stability and sustainability can-not be achieved without a solid foundation, access to resources, and safe place to heal.


-Dr. H. Hinton III

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